Social Media Summit in Bacolod City


The City of Smiles will witness a rare event when three speakers from the different spectrums of social media in the Philippines – Janette Toral, Khoa Bui and yours truly – take part in the Social Media Summit in Bacolod public seminar on August 23, 2013, at The Avenue Suites.

Janette Toral has been a mainstay of the Philippines’ information technology (IT) industry long before social media became a byword in online marketing. Dubbed as “Mother of E-Commerce Law in the Philippines,” Janette established the Philippine Internet Commerce Society in 1997 where she lobbied for the Y2K Law and E-Commerce Law which was eventually passed in the year 2000. Today, she is visiting different parts of the country to conduct her e-commerce and digital marketing boot camps.

Australia Khoa Bui is an international speaker, corporate trainer and entrepreneur. He is the author of five books including a bestselling book he co-wrote with Brian Tracy “Counter Attack: Business Strategies For Explosive Growth in the New Economy” and other leading experts from around the world. He is the founder of Khoa Bui International which provides training, education and services in the areas of internet marketing, web design and online branding. Khoa also won the TS Design Award 10/10 for Best Design and Best Development amongst thousands of web design firms.

Which comes to myself as the third speaker. My career spans six industry expertise – information technology, direct selling, media publishing, internet and telecommunications, contact centers and entrepreneurship, the latter of which includes social media and online marketing. I am the Vice President for Global Sales and Marketing of GoAutoDial Inc., a Filipino IT company that created the second-ranking open source telephony application software in the world. My passion today includes the contact center industry, small business operations and entrepreneurship, and social media for the workplace. I believe in mixing old world face-to-face or telephone sales with online and social media marketing to complete the loop of successfully selling products and services. You can refer to my professional credentials in my LinkedIn profile.

I encourage everyone in Negros and nearby Iloilo and Cebu to attend this very first social media summit which brings us together to teach you what you need to do to become successful in your personal and professional pursuits using social media.

Just yesterday, the organizers of this event – PMCM Events Management in Manila and JMB Events in Bacolod – agreed to discount the ticket price to 300 Pesos which includes lunch, snacks, certificates of attendance, giveaways and raffle prizes. This 50% OFF promotion is only good until August 20, 2013. So, reserve now and learn what it takes to use social media for success.

For reservations, please contact Bing Montinola of JMB Events in Bacolod at 0927-760-0407 or Myra Sandico of PMCM Events in Manila at 0917-243-3920.

SPONSORSHIP: The event is inviting organizations to avail of its sponsorship packages for as low as 2,000 Pesos for flyering. Please contact Bing Montinola at 0927-760-0407 or Myra Sandico at 0917-243-3920.


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