Social Media for the Workplace

Social Media for the Workplace

I have been conducting this introductory training since 2010, from small businesses to teams and departments of large enterprises, and one common thing I always see is the misconception that online marketing will bring you tons of closed sales and revenue.

Total myth!

Yes, it is contrary to what you read and what you hear many advocates of social media say – get rich quick schemes through social media, alone.

The truth of the matter is online marketing through social media begins with the individual, not the organization. Think of social media as a direct selling method – it’s all about personal selling. And when it comes to personal selling, the personal profile has to be positively intact. But then, there’s that word that is always connected to social media – marketing. How about sales?

You call or meet the decision maker to close the sale.

Unless you’re a large enterprise pushing fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), closing the sale to select consumers or businesses require the same personal touch as you’re supposed to be doing in social media. People’s buying decisions rely on impressions, product need or service need, and trust. You can impress them with all the bells and whistles of a fancy website or blog, and they may need or want your type of product or service, but unless you can convince them to trust you, it will be difficult to close the sale.

So, before you embark on your grand social media marketing scheme, step back and fix your digital profile, or as I usually mention in my speaking engagements, your online self.

Your offline self must be equal to your online self.

For graduating students embarking in the business world, it’s time to fix your online self. Get rid of those photos and posts that demean positive impressions about you, like lying on pavement drunk, nudity, profanity, anything that people think are negative or bad, discrimination or racists remarks, and so on. Delete it, don’t just edit the privacy limiting access to your friends; one day, someone will copy-paste it somewhere as how many incriminating photos and videos appear many years later. Fix your online profile but make sure it is similar or equal to your offline personality. Do not exaggerate yourself online because your offline friends and acquaintances know you to be who you are, not you wish or dream you want to be. Trust means consistency. Any inconsistencies between your offline and online profile will result in confusion and eventual distrust.

For those already working and even retired, delete the crazy and idiotic photos and posts. Clean up your online profile in such a way that it relates, is similar or equal to who you really are in your offline world.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Stop and think about the negative consequence of having your “having fun” photo appear online. If it is contrary to your positive self, don’t let anyone snap that photo. For example, two male friends of mine and I always have our regular Wednesday night get together in a bar. Whether it’s just the three of us or other people like women join us, no one ever snaps a photo nor posts anything about our routine. No hanky-panky stuff really happens but instead of allowing people to assume there is one (because we’re in a known bar), we err on the side of not saying anything about at all. I may market the bar’s Wednesday activities but check in through social media as being there.

A picture paints a thousand words. Unfortunately nowadays, many of those words are wrong assumptions.

This is just one little part of my standard presentation teaching people in the workplace the reality of using social media to market their organization’s products and services. But it is one of the most important aspects people fail to do. However, once you’ve learned the essence of social media tied up with other communications media to close the sale, you will be surprised how much successful every sales and marketing campaign becomes.

To learn more about the real-life social media marketing and closing the sale, you can book me for a private seminar or webinar. Please use my Contact Me form.

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