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It has been a while since I was active in blogging. While I concentrated on writing for GoAutoDial Inc.’s blog site for the past year and a half, doing so resulted in a halt on the other blogs that I created since 2008. Mind you, these blogs were made not out of the whim but for the love of writing and sharing interesting items in the web, namely:

The GoAutoDial Blog will continue to be updated by me for anything that relates to the products and services of the company.

The Internet is All About Conversations, my rendition of everything that is me – my thoughts, my opinions, my interests, my work, and my personal triumphs and trials all written into one subject matter that labels this blog site, “Conversations with Raffy”. It has both a Facebook and Twitter counterpart, too.

Bits and Snippets of the Philippines is a blog whose content is targeted towards the overseas and migrant Filipino, particularly (but not limited to) those in North America. Since this blog began, it has always been a digest of stories from the web and never capturing a live event. However, I began writing about live events recently, beginning with the press conference about the upcoming “Soiree Beaujolais” on November 30, 2013 by the French Chamber of Commerce-Le Club. So, from time to time, I am definitely going to cover live events in my spare time; however, the digested stories will continue. Today, it also exists in Facebook as well as Twitter. I bought the domain name of but routes it to where the content exists in WordPress.

The word “worXpresso” comes from the word I coined long ago, “Workspresso,” a play of the words “work” and “espresso,” two of the many things that that matter in my life. Though it has nothing to do with the world of coffee as aficionados might think, Workpresso is also the company name of a business my friends and I created in the Philippines, providing consulting services for digital marketing and call center management services. Workspresso Inc. is now defunct and the website is still owned by my former business partner. Thus, everything about technology and the workplace goes into this digital realm. Its Facebook counterpart gets updated with new blogs created as well as other items that don’t make it into the blog site. Twitter feeds gets posted to my personal Twitter account, @raffypekson.

Parenthood Philippines was an e-Groups mailing service until it became Yahoo Groups! community e-mail service in the year 1999 or 2000. It was a great community until the conversations about the subject matter slowly disappeared and only messages selling this and that appear today. I had fun with that mailing service community that I thought of re-creating it in WordPress without having to buy a domain name for it. I also created a Facebook Page but integrates new blog posts into the Twitter account of @planetphils.

Small Business Manila is another e-Groups mailing service turned Yahoo Groups! Like Parenthood Philippines, it only receives sales-oriented messages. I also recreated it in Worpdress as a blog, including its own Facebook Page. All Twitter feeds go to @planetphils, the official Twitter account of This blog site is my advocacy website for anything good that has to do about the small business market in the Philippines, not necessarily just Manila.

Jobs By Raffy was an experiment in 2009 to see how a work at home freelance business in recruitment can work and generate income. I got in touch with three major recruitment or search and staffing companies in Metro Manila and signed up as their freelance recruitment specialist. My aim was to get job openings from these companies, anything in the managerial to C-level positions, and see if I can get qualified prospects to send me their resume and pass it on to the staffing company. If my referral gets hired, I get a commission out of it. My average weekly work time was about six hours, and the highest and lowest monthly commission I got was 70,000 Pesos and zero, respectively. It was not a consistent income generator but it was a worthwhile experiment to undertake. I recently created its Twitter account, @jobsbyraffy.

Call Centers By Raffy is a result of my making a mistake in moving the entire content from one WordPress blog site to another without realizing I was already copying (and in the world of WordPress, plagiarizing the original blog site). I made a mistake of labelling the original blog Talk is Cheap with the company name I used to work in the past, KunnectPH. After months of requesting for a reprieve for the unintentional mistake, my WordPress account was reactivated. Thus began the posts in this blog site for anything that involves and affects the call center industry of the Philippines.

So, here’s to a reawakening of these old blogs that still continues to be a hobby today. Is there such thing as a hobby blogger? Probably a few if not many of us out there are blogging not because we want to make money out of it but rather for the interest and maybe the thrill of writing and sharing our wisdom, knowledge and information to the rest of the world who cares to pry into our blogs, read our prose and pass on our messages to others.

To you who have been informed and inspired by my words, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope to continue writing and inspiring you until death do us part.

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