Reconstructing the Pekson Blog


Okay. I’m now in the midst of reconstructing my blog after losing my hosting due to a delayed response to the complaint I filed with my bank. All told, consumers like me are always on the losing end when it comes to banking.

I’ve lost a lot of stand-alone files which I kept inside like one saves their files on a hard disk drive. But I still have all if not most of the stories and articles I posted through the years my web hosting existed.

Anyway, the positive side of things might be forcing myself to create the makeover I need to update and enhance what my blog site should be starting this 2014. I’m still a nut for over-information and an advocate of small businesses and the call center industry. I still love everything about technology, good fashion, middle-of-the-ground lifestyle news and my penchant to share both personal and professional experiences to the whole world.

So, here we go! #JustGo2014

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