The Tale of Three Phones and a Laptop


I bought my old Samsung Omnia GT-B7320 smartphone when I lost my old Motorola V360 flip-phone in 2007 which I bought from Canada when I stayed there for two years. I also bought a Globe prepaid SIM the day I arrived back here and held on to a prepaid service until today. When I joined GoAutoDial Inc., I got myself a Nokia Lumia 610 running Windows Phone 7.5 which carries with it today a Smart SIM card under its Freedom Plan, postpaid plan.

Am I a dinosaur? I don’t think so since I’m usually at the edge of what’s new in the tech world. But I’m probably a pragmatist; maybe practical, or a miser. What I do know is I usually turn the other way around when it comes to what’s vogue. Like long before the Casio G-Shock was in style, I already bought one of the earliest models in Hong Kong, and people found it weird to be wearing a huge watch. Or before back-to-the-60’s style of eyeglasses came back into fashion, I chose that and bought the “His and Her’s” pair for my better half then. Everyone wanted a Honda Civic, I bought a Ford Lynx. I’d go for the HRV than a CRV, a Honda Element than other popular minivans. And so when it came to buy a second phone, I chose the Nokia Lumia 610 and bought the very first black unit ever sold in the Nokia store at Bonifacio High Street; this when everyone wanted an iPhone or Android phone.

Sorry, I tend to digress to long. Going back, whatever the case may be, it was time to retire my trusty old Omnia and move everthing into a DTC-branded Android phone and the only thing important was my contact list or address book.

Boy! It took me a few hours to research the dang process on the web and another 2-3 hours to move the contact list from my Omnia phone to the Android phone. Here’s what happened:

  1. I “Active Synced the Samsung Omnia GT-B7320 Windows Mobile 6.5 to my Samsung Series 5 Window 7 laptop which went straight into my Microsoft Outlook program.
  2. I exported the contact list from my Outlook software into a CSV file.
  3. I imported the CSV file into my GMail Contacts.
  4. I also downloaded my contact list into another CSV file. This contact list was synced to my Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone 7.5 so my GMail Contacts both had the Samsung Omnia and the Nokia Lumia contacts.
  5. I imported the other CSV file into my GMail Contacts.

So, today my entry-level Android device, a DTC GT5S Astroid Junior, a phone that was given to me by DTC, will work for my prepaid Globe phone for now until I decide to get a better phone from the two I have today. I’m really not (yet) an Android guy but I’m already looking at the Samsung brand – either a Note 2, a Note 3 or the newest Galaxy S5.

Any suggestions?

photo by @raffypekson


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