Why Telemarketing is Good for the World


Without telemarketing, all people would be doing is tapping on their phones or their keyboards messaging endlessly between customers and sales people; and you’re paying for internet access, data plans and messaging plans for that?

Without telemarketing, your favorite television show will be bombarded with too much advertisement, and you pay your cable monthly, right?

Without telemarketing, half of the time you’re sitting in the movie house is staring at endless commercials; and you paid for that?

Without telemarketing, half the web page will be filled up with endless columns and boxes of advertisement; and you just landed on that web page for one single bit of information?

Without telemarketing, you’ll start getting more flyers and brochures. Well, that’s good for the postal system which today has a lot of jobless postal people because of the internet. But then, is your mailbox that sturdy to accommodate more paper, considering you even have a mailbox?

Without telemarketing, the need to print more flyers and brochures wrecks havoc on our global need for more trees. Do you want your poor children’s children to bear the brunt of our ways today?

I can go endlessly with my poetic narration but the point is we all need telemarketing.

Telemarketing is a telephone call. If you answer it, most of the time a cheerful person starts a conversation with you. Isn’t that better than emotionless words coming out of your computer?

Telemarketing is a telephone call. If the first 10 seconds doesn’t convince you, you can simply tell the telemarketer you’re not interested and that’s it.

Telemarketing is a telephone call. There is human being at the other end of the line, either paid on a fixed salary or through commission. Isn’t it better to buy from this person who gets paid for the effort than, say, loaning friends of your friends who might not even pay you back? Okay, that was overboard; I know. But consider the help you’re doing especially if the product or service he or she is selling is worth it.

Telemarketing is a telephone call. The 80-20 rule tells us that 80 percent of telemarketers are good, that they follow the rules and respect your time and convenience. So, why penalize them by assuming all telemarketers are… umm… not so good when only 20 percent (or even less) are the scammers? Heck! Get the number and report them. That is one of the reasons why we all pay our government.

Telemarketing is a telephone call. I know so many small and medium enterprises (SME) spending time, effort and resources on endless SMS or text message blasting and e-mail blasting when a measly single-digit percentage reply back? If you’re lucky, that’s 1 in 100, 10 in 1,000 and a hundred in 10,000. Is it really worth it? And you’re talking about mobile phones, a device that is so personal that most countries have laws banning advertising via text messaging. Yes, they call it advertising.

Telemarketing is a telephone call. I used to get irritated by telemarketers until one day I gave in to the spiel of the telemarketer. “Hey! That’s interesting!” I told myself. About 1 out of 5 telemarketing calls were interesting products or services. A good five minute conversation won’t hurt. So, if I turn down a telemarketer in the first five seconds, I now feel I might be missing out on an opportunity – a new, inexpensive product or service, a business opportunity, a part-time job – who knows!

Telemarketing is a telephone call. Most SMEs cringe on spending for the call. Don’t they realize they are spending way more on unanswered text and e-mail messages, flyers and mailers, print advertising, only because they assume a telephone call is more expensive? Do the math! If you can’t, have someone do the math. Chances are, you’re missing out on real opportunities and real sales only because of those wrong assumptions.

Telemarketers aren’t evil people. They are human beings just like you and me out to earn a living. In the sweetest and cheery form, they try to make the beginning of a conversation as mellow and accommodating as possible for us. They’re not out to steal our money; they are selling something in return for payment. If it is not interesting, then they go on to the next person who might be interested. There’s no bad blood taken because you weren’t interested. They understand where you are coming from. Just don’t get mad at them.

Be a good person. Engage with the next telemarketer that calls you. Call it quits if it’s not for you but don’t bang the phone on them. If you were calling your friend to ask a favor and that person bangs the phone on you, what would you feel?

Telemarketers and telemarketing. Would you rather talk to a robot that doesn’t talk back?

Photo by News Oresund via Flickr; usage through Creative Commons Attribution 2.0



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