Introducing Sagabay for Small Business Sabado

Small Business Sabado has been on my mind for the longest time. “Sabado” is a noun in Spanish, Portuguese and Filipino that means “Saturday.” So, every Saturday is small business day for To me, there is nothing more fulfilling than to support, refer and advocate our local small business owners who in their own small way are able to provide better service with a personal appeal that we do not encounter with big companies. If we only give our local small business owner a chance to shine will we conclude that it might indeed be better to do business with them, especially on the business-to-business or B2B aspect.

Today, let me feature my first Small Business Sabado company which markets and sells headsets to the call center industry of the Philippines. This is Sagabay Technologies, founded and owned exclusively by Ron Oriel Villagonzalo, a former sales representative and manager in the pharmaceutical field for a decade who turned to technology and today runs both Sagabay Technologies and Sagabay Outsourcing, the latter being a company involved in providing outsourcing services to local and international companies.

Ron and I met through, exchanged messages, and eventually decided to meet-up over coffee to further discuss opportunities in doing business together – he in the headset business and myself in GoAutoDial Inc., a provider of telephony or call center software solutions. From then on, we would exchange leads when we encounter prospects and customers who needed either of our services and help each other’s business opportunities whenever we can.

Which brings me to his main line of business – headsets.

The small call center customers he has sold his headsets and serviced their needs are actually happy. One call and he and his team are there. Broken units, if justified, are replaced right away. It’s a value-for-money kind of deal, something I will always consider over just the price. You can find cheap headsets in the malls but to use these in a business where the quality of the call makes or breaks your company, that is not the way to go. And for your personal use, you might as well go for something call centers trust to work with warranties and guarantees.

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Sagabay Technologies — your friendly neighborhood supplier of quality headsets to the small business owner and the SME call center market in the Philippines.

You may contact Sagabay Technologies through the following means:

Web form:
Mobile phone: +63 (998) 510-1217 (call or SMS)

Photo from Sagabay Technologies.


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