Peacocking Your Online Presence defines peacocking as dressing for attention, just like a Peacock uses its feathers to get a mate.

Peacocking is meant to make opening a girl easier, but if you’re not congruent with your looks (like, if you look like you’re gay and you try to hit on a girl), wires are gonna get crossed somewhere and you’re gonna blow yourself out. ~Urbandictionary

Get the message?

You see, if you are marketing to the same market as your closest competitor, chances are you’re both going to be doing the same thing – drab old website, e-mails longer than Leo Tolstoy’s shortest novel, messages that talk like billboards with font sizes only Superman can read.

You’ve got to “peacock” yourself online and in social media. You’ve got to stand out even if your competitor and especially your employees and associates think you’re nuts. The craziest ideas have become the best products around our time.

In many of the seminars and public speaking engagements I’ve conducted, I always mention that social media is one gigantic yet noisy cocktail party with millions upon millions of people all talking to each other, to one another, to others and probably to none. It is your job to create conversations with people you believe are your prospective customers, partners and alliances while listening to their conversations and those of others. But your real objective is to create meaningful one-on-one dialogues with people who potentially can become your loyal customer.

Now, imagine that in the sea of millions of people wearing dark corporate attire, you come in wearing a pink blazer, unruly yet stylish hairstyle, and a neon green postman’s bag. Weird, right? Yet, there will be people of the opposite sex whose curiosity kicks in and wanders down your way to start a conversation. “That’s a unique blazer.” “I love the color pink in a man,” if you were a man. “It takes guts to wear what you’re wearing.”

See the difference?

Yes, others will discriminate you but understand those that do often aren’t the right fit for you as a customer, partner, alliance and employee. For starters, they will always discriminate or be cynical about every little thing around them. They’re not risk takers. They’re probably the analysis-paralysis type. Heck! They might even be those that take two hour lunches, one hour snack breaks, accumulate another hour for smoking outside, add another accumulated hour for bathroom breaks, which leaves only two to three hours of work time. They are not who you want to engage with.

Your website needs peacocking.

Your Facebook Page needs peacocking.

Your Facebook posts need peacocking.

Your Tweets need peacocking.

Your Instagram posts need peacocking.

Your e-mail marketing messages need peacocking.

Your blogs need peacocking.

It’s time to stand out from the rest.

It’s time to become a magnet of curious, interested people.

Don’t be tiger. Don’t be a lion. Don’t be leopard.

It’s time to be a peacock!

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