Why Did I Join Direct Selling Again?

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Let’s get to the point. Why on earth would I join another direct selling company? Here are my first two reasons:

  1. As an employee, I worked for three direct selling brands and companies – Jockey, Avon and Personal Collection. So, I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears the “rags to riches” stories of today’s very successful direct sellers who have now retired, taken it easy or transferred the business to their children.
  2. As a self-made millionaire a few times over (meaning I’ve earned and lost those millions a few times over), I never close my eyes and ears to people asking me to join this and that – direct selling, MLM, binary-MLM-combination, and so on. If I believe that “God provides” and “if it is to be, it is up to me,” then why on earth should I judge the invitation of friends without hearing them out? Regardless of the bad publicity a few rotten eggs have created for an industry that has created “honest” millionaires out of not-rich people, my rationale is not to shut them out without giving them a chance to explain themselves. Heck! Even our justice system believes in the same thing, “Innocent until proven guilty.”

These first two reasons are basically my general principles in life when it comes to business invitations. I’ve joined a few here and there, even real estate, and turned down a lot only after listening to the offer. I’m now in my nth iteration of listening to and joining a direct selling company as an independent sales person. Two nights ago, I went online, closed my eyes and swiped away my overused credit card to join and register with 5Linx.

In the tradition of David Letterman, here are my TOP 6 REASONS FOR JOINING THE 5LINX DIRECT SELLING COMPANY:

  1. Everything is online. Join, train, teach, motivate, buy, sell, track, monitor, etc. Friends know me – I’m an online kind of guy and a “work at home” advocate. This works better than having to travel seven kilometers to a direct selling branch that takes me two ridiculous hours of traffic.
  2. They have a free, online conferencing system that allows me to do my basic RTDMS roles as an independent sales person in a direct selling environment. This means no more buying expensive online conferencing services or using crappy ones for free. Hey! I’m an Internet guy! – Wait! What’s RTDMS, you say? It stands for the five basic but major roles of an independent sales person (that’s me and possibly you) to succeed in the business: [R]ecruit, [T]rain, [D]evelop, [M]otivate and [S]ell.
  3. Most people nowadays want DIY*. Go ahead! DIY yourself! Go online. Pay online. Buy online. Sell online. Never get out of your couch for the rest of your life and don’t even talk to me (your downline). LOL! But it will still work! (*Umm… really? DIY? It means “Do It Yourself!”)
  4. There are tech products in 5Linx – three-in-one power banks, VoIP services, etc. Guys love tech, right? I’m not the 7-in-1 coffee guy (I only drink Americano – no milk, no sugar), nor am I the herbal, cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries and non-medicine medicine person. For direct selling, I like selling products I will use and brag about. Hey! You’ve got tech? Go!
  5. Joining direct selling is always a Plan B (startup) intent. It is not supposed to replace my main source of income (consulting) or even my passion (the net), not unless I’m unemployed and desperate. If Plan B succeeds, then I have a great problem: which now becomes Plan A?
  6. Is it the right choice? Honestly, it’s too soon to tell. But I believe it’s a “good choice” for now. Did I join right away, the moment my friend told me what it was? Nope. I went online and investigated it over and over again (like everyone does) but not up to the point of “analysis paralysis.” In personal business as in any kind of business startup, you balance facts and risks altogether. And timing is always part of that key to success.

Sounds like a recruitment pitch, eh? Well, call it whatever you like, I am just here writing a story because I don’t want you (my dear reader) to shy away from direct selling invites like a virus because your closest friends told you their judgmental opinions that it’s bad. No matter what the offer is, open your eyes and ears. The first five minutes is all you need to (silently) decide, “This ain’t for me.” I’ve done that oh, so many times already. But if it sounds interesting, my next reply has always been “I’ll get back to you.” And then, I investigate, ask around and decide. Calculate. Focus. Act.

I’m a corporate guy. I’m a startup guy. I’m a small business guy. I’m an Internet guy. I’m a work-at-home guy. And I’m 51-years old. My LinkedIn profile will tell you all these and more. But I’m also an “I’m open to listen to what you have to offer” kind of guy, and a “If I don’t do this, I might regret it later on” person, too. Hence, joining another direct selling company is just my way of doing these two “I’m also this kind of guy” things, just as long as it’s not highway robbery, of course.

I hope this story tells you that direct selling isn’t a virus, it isn’t scamming people, and it isn’t going to transform you to an overnight millionaire. Those rotten eggs that give the industry and the business a bad name are just what they are – rotten eggs. What it is, like all startup businesses you dream of or attempt to create, is an opportunity. And for me, it will always start as Plan B before it becomes Plan A. Always remember that. Never, ever make it Plan A (yet).

After joining online, I immediately got my own 5Linx recruitment page: http://bit.ly/join5linx. See? I told you I’m an Internet kind of guy!


Title photo by Robert Scoble taken from wikimedia.org.

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