The World’s First Kick-Ass Invisible Screen Protector


Every computerized electronic device we now own are encapsulated in glass – smartphones, tablets, laptops, viewfinders of digital cameras, even old school wrist watches, eyeglasses and sun glasses. For most, the fear of scratching it outweighs the need of not protecting it. And so, the industry of screen protectors came to be for smartphones and tablets of all sizes. Very soon, we’re going to have versions for the upcoming smart watches – and too bad Google Glass never really rose up to its craze.

But one day, my friend comes to me with a better, simpler way of doing it. “Stop buying those screen protectors that doesn’t even last a few months.” What the heck was he talking about? I had a cheap smartphone without a screen protector and a few months later it was all scratched up and fuzzy.

“Use Nanofixit,” he says. “Nano-what?” I responded back.


He brought out what looked like an eye dropper (for the old guys, you called that “Eyemo!” LOL!). He removed the screen protector off my smartphone. “You’re going to pay for that, dude!” I quipped. He smiled back and said, “If this doesn’t work, I’ll buy you a hundred pieces.” I laughed. He then cleaned the nice-looking surface of my smartphone and proceeded to place about two or three drops of the Nanofixit liquid. He smeared it with his finger in all the areas of the glass and let it stay for around 15 or 30 minutes – I forgot how much time was needed because we started talking about topics under the sun.

Then, he asked the waiter for his sharpest knife and held it like Norman Bates. “WAIT!!!” I shouted, but it was too late. He was slashing and dicing (well, not really dicing) the glass surface of my dear smartphone. And…

No scratches. Hmm… I took the knife and did it myself. Still, no scratches.


I was amazed. And sold. And threw away that darn screen protector. And hugged him. Haha! Well, not really. Real men bump their knuckles and do the “bro hug.”

Later that day, he e-mailed me a two-page document about Nanofixit and considering the wild and crazy demo that just happened, I had to include it here as the culminating piece to my story.

Last few words? You have gotta buy Nanofixit. Now!


The World’s First Kick-Ass Invisible Screen Protector

Nanofixit is one of the world’s first liquid screen protectors. This new generation of cellphone and tablet screen protector completely replaces the traditional plastic version.

Consider this example: When the iPhone 6 was being announced to come out, nobody knew the size of the phone. This meant no one could produce a screen protector for it in advance and it took about two months before the first batch of screen protectors for the iPhone 6 was available.

This was already a common problem for the consumer electronics industry which kept coming out with screens of different sizes almost every day. There was no such thing as a “one size fits all” screen protector.

This is where NanoFixIt comes into play. Besides being totally transparent, this new “nano liquid” has several other benefit too.


Top 7 Benefits of Nanofixit:

  1. In makes your phone 10 times more scratch resistant! Tests conducted by Nanofixit revealed no one could not scratch the phones protected by Nanofixit, even using a razor blade not discounting the use of knives, keys and coins.
  2. The colors on the screen become vivid and clearer. With a traditional plastic protector, your screen is usually dull and unclear. The Nanofixit, on the other hand, makes your screen very clear – crystal!
  3. Screens becomes water resistant. Anything you spill on the glass just runs off it.
  4. Nanofixit has an anti-bacterial feature so germs do not stick to your phone’s screen – and your face! The days of having bacteria on the glass of your phone’s screen are over.
  5. Nanofixit increases the clarity of your phones camera up to 50%. During its tests, the camera became clearer and brighter, and works better in the dark as the nano coating creates a filter on the camera that actually works capturing the light better.
  6. You can slide your finger smoother and faster on the screen. Plastic screen protectors always make your screen less responsive. With Nanofixit, touch responses become better and slides easier.
  7. One size fits all. When you buy a bottle of Nanofixit, you can use it for all your devices requiring a screen protector – smartphones, tablets, sunglasses, and just about any device you and your family members use.


So, that’s it! Simple, elegant and it works!

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