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A skin care, wellness, health and beauty products company in the Philippines will be launching its direct selling business and is looking for qualified leaders to be part of its pioneering direct selling team before its formal launch in August this year.


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Their product has been in the market for the past years, being sold in major supermarkets, boutique shops, malls and other outlets. They have joined dozens of expos and exhibits and have been featured in major dailies, magazines, blogsites and websites. So, it’s a known brand to beauty connoisseurs, and recall and awareness has already been in existence. In fact, the largest retailer in the country even allows 100% exchange deals of its products for marketing exposure, a clear message that the product is very marketable or sellable.

Here’s a quick peek of the product.


The Cream Factory is formulated with goat’s milk from the Netherlands. The goat’s milk keeps skin soft, supple and moisturized. The body wash product nourishes your skin with its essential vtamins and minerals, heals and repairs skin and has 100% botanical extracts such asa acai berry, almond, avocado, chamomile, cinanmon, honey, jojoba, lavender, mulberry, seaweed, witch hazel and yogurt. All these for moisturizing your skin while giving you a refreshing bath experience.

Now you know what it is…

To be eligible as a qualified Pioneer Leader means the following:

  • You have been in the direct selling, retail and multilevel networking marketing business for some years;
  • You have a network of people under you – small or large;
  • You can sell these products to others;
  • You reside in the Philippines; and
  • You can purchase a one-time minimum of P20,000 worth of products (less 30% outright discount) to become a Pioneer Leader (and no other fees required other than buy products).

Sounds interesting?

The name of the new direct selling company is The Real Deal & Great Stuff Company, Inc. It uses a three-tiered direct selling approach, not an MLM model. Its products sells like hotcakes. There are no territorial boundaries for now. There are no hundreds or thousands of sales people – yet. You will be the first of a few dozen to be chosen to start the business before August.

Remember, you are joining way ahead of the others – as a Pioneering Leader.

And we will recognize Leaders in their lifetime with the organization.

Please fill-up the form below so we can book you for an appointment with our General Manager, Lina Jacob.

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For more information about the product, visit the website www.dessertfortheskin.com

You may also visit its Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/therealdealcompany

Or e-mail me at raffy@pekson.com


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