The Long Life of Kata F2

Intrigued by the title? You should be. At 1,850 mHa, that’s not suppose to be the main message. But then, there’s a reason why and I’ve written it somewhere down my short experiential prose. Read on!

You see, I’ve been a Kata smartphone owner starting about September last year after buying the M1 for personal use. Being the first iteration of Kata’s phablet-sized smartphone, it was a far cry from the sub-five inch mobile phones I’ve been using, starting with my first analog version in the mid-90’s where call, text messaging and dull games (Snake, anyone?) were the only features I used with a phone. The M1 has a 5.5-inch screen size, 1080p HD screen, runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 1.5 GHz quad core processor, a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage, 3G connectivity, and whooping 4,000 mAh battery – a two-day lifespan for my always-on data connectivity, every hour e-mail downloads, and hourly use of social media apps. But no games for me!

Fast forward to 2015 and the Kata F2 arrives on my hands. This replaces my rustic DTC phone which didn’t really fulfill the basic call and text plus a few smartphone apps – the phone always died long before sunset. When I got the F2, I was relieved that my old, large prepaid SIM card which I’ve been using for almost a decade can still be used in the F2 without manually cutting it to the size of a micro-SIM, besides it having a second slot for such a size. THANK GOODNESS! I’d hate to have my old SIM card manually cut and not work because of it.

I’m not a techie reviewer unlike my peers in the digital world. Despite being senior to most, I’m good with the 4.5-inch screen size and HD display, which is a lot crisp than the last smartphone I was using, because the one thing we guys and gals need is an adjustable font size, a basic of Android smartphones. It works faster probably because it uses a quad core processor despite the size and uses a 4.4 KitKat operating system.

The 1GB RAM and 8GB storage may be a shortfall for the techies but good enough for my basic apps need. This is my secondary phone because in the Philippines, many self-employed people like myself have two phones for the two telecommunications companies – customers and friends tend to want to communicate with the same telecom provider. I use my GMail contacts for my two phones’ address books but switch off the e-mail sync feature in the F2 to save on storage space. (My primary phone, the M1, is where I check my e-mails).

The phone only has a 1,850 mAh battery. When WiFi and 3G data connectivity are on, it doesn’t last long. But the reason why I wrote the title, “The Long Life of Kata F2,” is because using your basic call and text hardly nudges the battery life. The first time I had a 17-minute call, I first looked at the percentage display of the F2, telling me it was at 95 percent battery life. After hanging up, I quickly glanced back at the percentage of power – holy cow! It was still at 95 percent. “Okay, maybe this is an Android fluke.” So, I got another call and did the same look-at-the-battery-percentage routine. The 22-minute call reduced my remaining power by one percent. ONE PERCENT? “You gotta be kidding me!” After several weeks of using the phone mainly for calling and text messaging, I realized that the one awesome feature this phone has is the economical use of power for calls and text messaging. I’ve been in love with the F2 ever since.

For 3,999 Pesos, the Kata F2 smartphone is a great buy. Size-wise, it’s a slim, handy phone that can easily function as your primary and only smartphone for those who need not be online and reading e-mails all the time. In my daily entrepreneurial mode, I’m good with my M1 as my internet-always-on phone and my F2 for my heavy call-and-text that lasts me the entire day. It’s social media good for posting photos on-the-fly though doesn’t really produce a good picture when there’s hardly any light (even most point-and-shoot digital cameras don’t work well in dark places.) Despite that, the F2 is a keeper, no doubt about that. I’ll probably keep it for a year or two, who knows!

For more information about the Kata F2, please visit The Kata F2 currently sells in Kata-owned stores and Kata kiosks in Luzon and Visayas. You can also like and follow them at their social media accounts – and – or e-mail them at

Kata is also available for sale worldwide at through its company brand OWTEL. Visit the OWTEL Storefront in Amazon to select and order online.

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