If It’s Not an iPhone, It’s Not an iPhone

If It’s Not an iPhone, It’s Not an iPhone title photo

If it’s not an iPhone, it must be some other smartphone running Android O/S. Or a Windows Phone. Blackberry, anyone? Oh, gosh. Don’t tell me Symbian still exist?

A week ago, Apple launched a tandem of new ads. One was touting the calm and denatured coexistence of their hardware and software, and the other saying 99 percent of their customers were happy customers. Story-driven or fact-based? Somewhat skewed.

Business Insider called it “a little strange.” I agree.

The first 30-second video advertisement epitomizes the harmony of creating both the hardware and software by the same company as a sum of many parts put together, creating a unison of sorts. Whiplash! on smartphone manufacturers that use third-party operating systems like Android, and apps. Now, wasn’t that a little coy?

The second 30-second video ad was – on top of everything the narrator was saying – honed on the message that 99 percent of all iPhone customers love their iPhones. Whoa! I was trying to decipher what kind of apps the dozens of iPhones flying in and out of the screen were running, but everything was happening too fast. I guess each iPhone screen was just showing off happy faces and people tumbling up and down in joy of their iPhone – or in love with their iPhones.

“If it’s not an iPhone, it must be a Kata smartphone!” LOL! That’s what I would say because that’s what I own.

Sources: Mac Stories | Business Insider Australia

Title Image screenshot from YouTube.com.


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