Should You Blog a Press Release?

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The answer is “no.” There, you can stop reading if you understand why. If not, bring your eyes down to the next paragraph.

Please understand that the basic premise of a press release is to deliver marketing information about a particular subject, product or service in text format, usually called an article or a write-up. The truth of the matter is that most, if not all, press releases are intended to advertise the subject, product or service to the readers of the media personnel it distributes it to. And in your case, the proverbial blogger.

Do you remember why your readers and followers “read and follow” you? If you don’t, let me help you recall those reasons. They like your stories. They like the way you write. They like the way you express subject matter and topics. They like your photos and images. They like the format or theme of your blog. In short, they like a lot of the things they see and read in your blog. So, they keep reading and following your blog — and you!

But the moment you copy-paste a press release, even chunks of it, that’s not your style. That’s not your writing. That’s not your expression. That’s not your thought process. And simply speaking, that’s not you.

Some may get turned off. Some may be quizzical about you. Some may offer a “next time, we’ll see” attitude. Some may give you another chance. And maybe, just maybe, most will keep reading your blog. But are you really going to risk that?

You may be getting lots of hits and views, but do they really read your blog article word for word? Hits and views are not fully read blog posts; think of hits and views like impressions of your Facebook post on the Timelines of your friends. Almost 90 percent are never really read thoroughly, word for word. So, despite getting that much hits and views, in reality, only 10 percent have actually read your blog post from top to bottom, word for word.

Then, there’s SEO or search engine optimization. A long time ago, you indexed “after” you wrote your short story, long article or your book. Today, you index “before” you write your blog. Why? Because many bloggers want their posts to be in the first page of a Google search result, and what we called indices before are now referred to as “keywords” or “tag words,” little snippets that help search engines index your web page or, for this matter, your blog post.

And finally, there’s social media, a means to distribute your blog post beyond your loyal readers and followers. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg and the rest of ‘em social media and social bookmarking sites, you are the publisher, writer, editor and now, marketer and circulation head of your one-man or one-woman enterprise.

After all that’s done for SEO and social networking and social bookmarking, and your new visitors and readers see you aggressively advertising a subject, product or service — because you copy-pasted the press release — rather than freely expressing your unbiased thought into the blog, do you think they will want to read top-to-bottom and wait for your next post?

The answer is definitely another “no.”

So, stop copy-pasting that dang press release and start putting your personal thoughts and expression as an original composition version of the press release. It takes an effort to write, I know, but the quality of your work will go beyond the usual event and loot bag benefit; it can propel you to your next career only because you cared deeply about how you write your blog, maybe like a big-time publisher will soon fall in love with your writing style and pay you tons for it — finally! Or get recognized and awarded — finally!

“If you build it, they will come.” Yeah, Kevin Costner said it perfectly.


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