The 10th Wonderful World With Globe

Globe The Next Attraction

It was a 4:30PM affair but I arrived 5:30PM with people milling in the lobby area of the cinemas of Bonifacio High Street Central mall, waiting for the signal to enter the movie theater while sipping iced tea and chomping hors d’oeuvres. Perfect timing. The lighted signage where movie titles usually sit had the inscription, “The Next Attraction.” I went looking for my PBNet (Philippine Bloggers Network) colleagues around the cocktail tables.

The last Wonderful World With Globe #WWG9 was held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom with announcements upon new announcements of what has and is about to happen with Globe Telecom, the leading mobile brand in the Philippines with 57 million subscribers1. Finally, we started to enter the theater which became a SRO scene. (Okay. The old folks know what SRO means because we used to pay to watch movies even if it was “Standing Room Only.” LOL! Those were the days!)

The hosts for the evening were Coleen Garcia and Xian Lim. Garcia is a 23-year old commercial model and actress whose familiarity comes from hosting Showtime since 2012 and in the roster of last year’s 100 Sexiest Women by FHM, to name the least. Lim, on the other hand, is a Filipino-American who was first cast in the TV adaptation of the 1980 film, Katorse. The couple took turns introducing the speakers of the evening.



Albert de Larrazabal, Chief Commercial Officer of Globe Telecom since November 9, 2015, was the first company executive to take the stage. He was previously Globe’s Chief Finance Officer since 2010 as he entered the telecom giant in 2006, as head of the treasury division.

His first slide showed a head shot of CEO Ernest Cu with the following words:

Faster Internet
2 million homes by 2020
One Digital Nation – March 28, 2016
20,000 barangays & 2 million homes fiberized by 2020

De Larrazabal followed it up with an update of what has been happening towards its mission to deliver fast Internet to the country, with the hashtag #WeWantFirstWorldInternetPH, such as:



Globe Telecom collaborated with the city government of Manila to install fiber broadband technology, particularly in the world’s oldest Chinatown, with speeds of up to 1Gbps. When Globe made a call for the local government units to support building fiber infrastructure for better Internet, the Manila LGU was the first to respond. The fiber broadband project in Manila is expected to be completed by the third quarter of this year.



Globe fired up the first 20 cell sites in Quezon City that utilized the 700 MHz spectrum they recently acquired from San Miguel Corporation’s telecommunications assets. The Globe 700 MHz spectrum is expected to generate wireless Internet speeds of 60 up to 100 Mbps.

I actually rode along one of the bandwidth test trips of Globe, together with Rhea Carlos, External Affairs Manager, and Jimmy Nobleza Jr., Manager of VIP Management which includes benchmarking, and went around the Globe cell sites in Quezon City running 700 MHz frequencies – particularly Balete Drive corner Aurora Boulevard, UP Diliman, UP Town Center and Katipunan Avenue. The lowest speeds we garnered was 50.71 Mbps and the highest at 83.26 Mbps. Not bad!

The plan is to progressively activate 200 sites of Globe’s 700 MHz to decongest customers using other frequencies.



This is another frequency spectrum that Globe Telecom bought from San Miguel Corporation’s telecommunications assets. The Globe 2600 MHz band is allocated for 130 cell sites in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. This spectrum will be put to use immediately because of customers’ demand for more bandwidth capacities, which have grown increasingly fast in the light of the growing inclination for multi-media content. The Globe 2600 MHz band adds to the existing network capacities using state-of-the-art LTE technology.



One of the best news for me was the recent IP Peering agreement signed by Globe and PLDT. This simply means that local websites and applications hosted on either telecommunication’s hosting sites will now be accessible locally.

Before the IP peering partnership, customers of either telecom company will have to go out into the Internet cloud and come back to the Philippines to access a website hosted in the competing company’s network. For example, if I were a Globe subscriber (which I am) and would want to access a website or mobile app hosted in PLDT’s network, my web surfing path or route will have to leave the Philippines, go into the Internet cloud (wherever that is in the world), then come back to the Philippine to access the website, and vice-versa. That long route has now been drastically cut, ensuring faster access to local websites and apps. #HaySalamat

L-R: PLDT Director Atty. Ray Espinosa, PLDT EVP and Head of EICB Eric Alberto, Sen. Bam Aquino, Globe CTO/CIO Gil Genio, and Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu.



Jil Go, Vice-President of Content at Globe Telecom, went up the stage for her presentation after De Larrazabal. Go was formerly head of VAS Product Management at Globe. There is little that I found about Ms. Go to complete a short profile of her. So, let me just go through what she announced (and a little research on each item).



Last March, Globe Telecom partnered with Disney to launch the Globe Disney mobile smartphone, Southeast Asia’s first. The smartphone devices were offered through Globe’s myStarter postpaid plan for as low as ₱750 per month.

During #TheNextAttraction event, Globe launched three more Disney offers – Disney Channel App, Disney XD App, and the Disney Junior App. These Globe Disney Channel Apps are all available for download from iTunes and Google Play Store. (Wait! What about Windows Phone?)

The Globe Disney Channel App features live streaming of Disney Channels and video-on-demand, offering more than a hundred episodes for Globe Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers who sign up a Globe Interactive Account. Kids can now watch their favorite Disney shows anytime and anywhere.

The Globe Disney Junior App is designed for preschoolers that features storytelling activities from Disney series’ like Sofia the First, The Lion Guard and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, to name a few.

The Disney XD App provides kids inspiring adventures with Marvel’s Ultimate Spiderman vs. the Sinister Six, Star Wars Rebels, Pickle and Peanut, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.



Globe Telecom and Astro Malaysia Holding Berhad entered into a Memorandum of Agreement to offer Globe Astro Tribe over-the-top video services. The Globe Astro agreement’s intent is to collaborate on content opportunities that will be distributed on Tribe and other platforms across the region. This includes live and on-demand sports, Asian movies and TV series’ including poplar Korean shows. Tribe also welcomes the participation of Filipino content creators and producers. The Globe Astro partnership will be the first time that Globe will play an active role in co-curating content with a content provider such as Astro.



Smule is an American mobile app developer which creates social music-making applications for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire. The new Globe Smule partnership brings most, if not all of the mobile music applications to the fingertips of the Filipino smartphone market. Hey! Karaoke on a phone ‘casted over your LED TV?

Founded in 2008, the intent of Smule is to draw users in and “by the time they realize it, they will be making music – and it’s too late because they’re already having fun!” The Smule apps include Sing! Karaoke, AutoRap, Guitar!, Ocarina 2, Glee Karaoke, I Am T-Pain, Ocarina, Magic Piano, Magic Fiddle, Sonic Lighter, Zephyr, and Leaf Trombone: World Stage.



Globe Telecom and Turner Network Television entered into a partnership where the latter provides live and on-demand content to the telecom company’s subscribers. I know Cartoon Network was mentioned several times (with Boomerang missing) but that only means shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and other popular children’s programming will come into play; I have no details on the list of programming for this partnership.



The Globe Sports Illustrated Partnership was introduced by Go and called upon the CEO of Sports Illustrated to talk about the partnership, who was (surprisingly) present during The Next Attraction, though I can’t recall his name nor can I find him on the net. Anyway, that’s what I heard because I know Sports Illustrated, which started in 1954, is today owned by Time Inc. Adding Sports Illustrated into the content arsenal of Globe is a very huge win, considering we Filipinos are nuts over anything sports. But hark! The CEO’s parting words included a short message that the swimsuit edition will also be part of the content offering… and then, the audience “wolf whistled” and clapped out loud! Woohoo!



Joe Caliro is Globe Telecom’s Chief Experience Officer, an executive position responsible for the overall experience of Globe’s products and services. He brings to the table years of involvement in user experience as Director of CX at AOL, VP of Customer Service and Quality at eTelecare and EVP of Professional Services at HyperQuality, an independent quality assurance firm that delivers ROI through improved customer contacts, excellent customer experience and improved employee satisfaction. Here’s what he brought to the evening’s gazillion pronouncements…



With the success of the first Globe GEN3 stores, which started simultaneously in SM North EDSA, Quezon City, and Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro in 2014, now comes another evolution in telecommunications retailing by innovative Globe Telecom. Dubbed as the Globe Iconic Store, this is being built as a two-store infrastructure connected by a glass bridge overlooking the amphitheater and open-area park at the BHS Central Square. The Globe Iconic Store is designed by Tim Kobe of Eight, Inc., the same designer of the Globe GEN3 stores and famous for designing the Apple store in New York City.

The first phase of the opening will showcase the entertainment piece that will house shows, concerts, plays, musicals and a variety of on-ground events and activities. There will be two massive LED screens and top-of-the-line lights and sounds equipment to serve the outdoor entertainment area in a world-class production standard.

Actually, the second and last part of the evening’s affair was the first and opening performance of Green Day’s American Idiot, produced by Globe Telecom. Yeah, the company is now a producer of shows, not just a sponsor.



I wasn’t aware that besides the usual site I go to, there exists a sub-domain – It was quickly flashed on the big screen of #TheNextAttraction launch by Caliro. So, back home after the night’s event, I took a peek at it. It had the following tabs above:

Globe Go! Articles looks like a blog featuring entertainment, adventure, business, tech (dubbed “Tech Know”) and “Our Planet” which looks filled-up with green and eco-friendly stories.

Globe Go! Videos are probably the recent videos created by the telecom giant. I peeked into their YouTube channel and not everything was in Globe Go! Videos. So, I’m not sure what comparison to make.

Globe Go! Events tab (so far) just features one event – Green Day’s American Idiot, a Tony Award winning rock musical currently being shown at the Globe Iconic Store’s amphitheater.

Globe Go! Shop brings you back to the old e-commerce site of Globe at



From how I understood Globe Live as a service, it uses the Globe Iconic Store entertainment facility. Caliro’s slide showed five icons – namely:

  • Concerts
  • Convention
  • Festivals
  • Launch Events
  • Theaters

Which is telling me (and you, for that matter) that Globe Live is transforming Globe Telecom into a full-service events company (too). Get a load of that!

Then, Caliro veers to the next slide with (still) five icons but this time the labels change:

  • Equipment Rental (Black Ops)
  • Events, Logistics & Implementation
  • Production Management
  • Studio Rental (Chroma)
  • Content Production (Studio & Editing)

Oh, boy! Now, Globe Live also makes Globe Telecom a full-service media production company.



Wait! Doesn’t Globe have a partnership with Hooq already? The answer is yes, and now they are also partnering with Netflix to provide Internet-based television to Globe’s home broadband subscribers, with free Chromecast. The Globe Netflix partnership gives customers on a Globe Home Broadband Plan 1299 and up access to Netflix Asia content using the thumb-sized media streaming device Chromecast (Globe Netflix Chromecast). The latter plugs into a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port of your TV set, thus allowing you to manage viewing Netflix shows direct to you big screen TV.

I actually attended the formal launch of Netflix at the Red Sun convention place last March and asked one of the Netflix USA peeps who their telecom partner is or will be. During that time, they had no answer. Well, lo and behold. Globe got them by the neck, so to speak! Good job, Globe!



Irish Dan Horan has spent years in the media and telecommunications industries with giants such as Sony Corporation and Vodaphone, the latter whose assignments has brought him to Australia, Netherlands, EMEA, Hungary and Qatar. Prior to joining Globe Telecom, Horan was CMO of PT Axis Telekom Indonesia, whose major stakeholder is Saudi Telecom Company. Appointed at the beginning of 2014, Horan supports Globe’s consumer business group in an advisory capacity.

Horan’s first slide listed the following categories in an organizational chart format:

Globe has had HOOQ for two years (right?) where former Chief Operating Advisor Peter Bithos took over. Also, I wrote about Globe Netflix partnership above and at Miniphilippines. Globe also has had NBA content streaming live on-the-go. And then recently, Globe partnered with Disney to provide Disney mobile smartphone devices, Disney Channel App, Disney Junior App and the Disney XD App. All these fall under the “Watch” category that provides Globe customers with the best live and on-demand videos.

Globe also has had Spotify music streaming service for quite some time, too. Globe adds Smule as the karaoke-like service for its subscribers. Both fall under the “Listen” category.



Then, for the games, Globe adds the Garena partnership which, as I understood, is an Internet platform provider in Asia that distributes game titles such as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, FIFA Online 3, Point Blank, Alliance of Valiant Arms, and a host of others.


Horan goes through another slide (below) where he shows how devices need to sync individually and collectively when Globe Telecom’s connectivity and content comes into play with streaming and computing devices, samples of which are listed under each category.



What is Globe Studios? This is actually new. In my understanding, Globe Studios is bringing content creators into one central distribution channel, that is, Globe Telecom. Globe Studios has already partnered with Viva Entertainment, Hooq, Quantum Films, Reality Entertainment, Maker Studios and Spring Films. It uses YouTube and Dailymotion as both a simultaneous and alternate delivery channel of video content; that’s the reason why it’s there.



As the largest content network on YouTube, Maker Studios attracts more than 10 billion views every month with over 650 million subscribers. It’s no wonder that the Globe Maker Studios partnership exists. With 55,000 independent creator partners from more than 100 countries, Maker Studios is home to top digital stars, channels, and content – the global leader in short-form videos. With Globe, Maker Studios programming is organized by genre, like Gaming + Sports, Life + Style, Family and Entertainment.

Oh, by the way – Maker Studios is now a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. So, yeah, the Globe Disney partnership creates sub-partnerships, too.



The next in Globe’s (ever increasing) arsenal is the Globe Reality Entertainment partnership. Reality Entertainment is a Filipino indie production company founded and managed by filmmaker Erik Matti and Dondon Monteverde, son of famous film producer Lily Monteverde. It has already created renowned films such as Honor Thy Father, Resureksyon, On the Job, On the Job the series, and Aswang Chronicles.



Globe’s exclusive partnership with Viva Entertainment gives the telecom giant access to the biggest entertainment content in the country – thousands of movies, music videos, live concerts and live events – straight to the customers’ mobile phones and other computing devices. Movie clips, bloopers, outtakes and behind-the-scenes, movie promo segments, classic movie lines, compilations, music and lyric videos, press conferences, event clips, concert highlights – the list goes on.

L-R: Arnel Gabriel (Viva Vice Chairman), Issa Cabreira (Globe SVP for Consumer Mobile Marketing), Daniel Horan (Globe Senior Adviser for Consumer Business), Vicente del Rosario, Jr. (Viva Communications Chairman and CEO), Rina Azcuna-Siongco (Globe Director for Content and VAS), and Vincent del Rosario (Viva Communications Vice President).

Globe’s one-stop shop virtual video store Piso Mall allows customers to watch Viva Entertainment videos on their mobile phones from over 200,000 videos, for as low as ₱1.00 per video viewing. Video browsing is free; you only get charged when you start viewing a video.



Globe partners with Sprint Films, another Filipino indie film production company founded and managed by no other than famous actor and film producer Piolo Pascual. So far, Spring Films has created the popular Kimmy Dora film series and “Relaks, It’s Just Pag-ibig.”



Last year, Globe partnered with YouTube and Dailymotion to further boost video content delivery and access to these sites on mobile devices with affordable online video bundles. For example, Globe Prepaid and TM customers get 100MB of data access to YouTube and Dailymotion for as low as ₱10 per day, or the 100MB becomes free with GoSurf50 and other bundles.



Globe’s partnership with Quantum Films brings an array of popular films since it started production in 2009, like the Titser series, Gaydar, Beauty in a Bottle, Walang Forever, My Candidate and I America. Quantum Films is another Filipino indie production company that has its own post production house (Quantum Post) and distribution arm (Quantum Acquisition and Distribution) in the country.



Globe Telecom’s President and Chief Executive Officer closed #TheNextAttraction, summarizing all of what his cadre of officers presented.

Cu was the former President and CEO of SPi Technologies who was responsible for establishing SPi’s marketing operations in the U.S. He was also VP and CFO of Crestec Los Angeles, Inc., an Information Technology and Services company in California, and a host of C-level and senior management positions from various companies like eTelecare International, Kubera Partners, STI, Kickstart Ventures, BPI, Maybank, and more.



Goodness! Globe Telecom isn’t anymore your typical and ordinary telecommunications company bent on just providing voice and SMS-based communications. When the boom of mobile Internet drove the sale of smartphones and other mobile computing devices up the roof, Globe and PLDT battled it off to provide the best, farthest and fastest connectivity to the Internet cloud.

Then, demand for more content started creeping in as a necessity to ordinary lifestyle, particularly the Millennials who have redefined what entertainment is. Cable TV viewing, radio and print publication started dwindling in subscribers and listeners as the likes of YouTube, uStream, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more began replacing traditional content-driven media.

Last Friday of June 24, 2016, Globe Telecom let out a Tsunami of new businesses, products and services besides the categories they’ve already created. They’ve gotten into more partnerships with local and international content providers, especially independent ones, to add to the already long list of they provide, and Globe Studios is delivering just that.

Then, comes Globe Live, transforming Globe Telecom into (also) a full-fledged production company, complete with equipment rental, events, logistics & implementation, production management, studio rental (Chroma), and content production (studio & editing), for activities such as concerts, conventions, festivals, organization launches, and theatrical performances.

And when they were just two years off creating GEN3 stores, Globe starts redefining the customer experience in retailing by building the Globe Iconic Store.

Seriously, Globe! SERIOUSLY? 😊

Globe Telecom must really worship Bill Gates, who in 1996 coined the phrase, “Content is King.”



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Photos: Globe Tweets | Smule | Astro | Kimmy Dora | @raffypekson


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