Let Me Create Your Business Plan for You


I just realized that because I have created a variety of business plans for many people through the years that I only thought of doing this now – offering my expertise to the general business public. Some of those people I helped are within driving distance; others live elsewhere by plane, a few in North America. My point here is that it doesn’t matter where you are – I can still help you.

So, let me begin by asking you…

  • Do you have a project in mind? Or…
  • Do you have a campaign in mind? Or…
  • Do you have a startup in mind?

You have an idea, a thought that you know in your gut can redefine your industry, making it a breakthrough idea.

You plan to work on a project that is going to astound people, customers or your boss because it certainly looks like it is going to be successful.

You want to start a company, knowing full well what it is going to create, marketing and sell is not only going to be an eye opener for the local or global public but is destined to be doing great in the long-term.

But here’s the problem…

  • You don’t do too well on how to make a business case out of it;
  • You don’t do too well on how to make a business plan that is supported by numerical forecasts;
  • You don’t do too well on how to create the numerical defense for your plan.

This is where I come in to the picture.

  • I will create your project plan for you; or…
  • I will create your campaign plan for you; or…
  • I will create your startup plan for you.

Complete with numbers!

All I need are your thoughts, your ideas, your premonitions, your fears (we all have that), the risks, your objectives, your vision, your values, goals, targets, and everything there is to tell me so that I can create the best darn plan for you.



Before I continue on, here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to be just 10 or 25 pages. I could make it 50 or a hundred if it needs to be that long. Ask my friends how I write and many of them will say I write too long – but detailed. Corporate experience, even personal ones, have taught me to always leave no stone unturned, that being detailed creates no questions in the end. Even just a Facebook Messenger message from me turns out to be something my friends and colleagues have to sit down and read, not while stuck in traffic or walking down the street.

Going back, the problem I encountered too familiar was promising a 25-paged business plan that should have been simplified into 10-pages. For one client, it turned out that he sent it to his prospective investors (had I known that) and the latter told him to reduce it down to five pages. “Otherwise, it’s just full of **** words.” He had to pay me extra to shrink it to five. After sending back the shortened version, he got it approved. Now, where in the world does it say that five is greater than twenty-five? Only in the corporate world.

So, it’s not the amount of words, numerical tables and stuff – it’s the meat of it all. If you intend to submit the business plan to prospective investors, know very well these people do not have time in the world to read a Leo Tolstoy novel. They want the shortest version possible but meaty and straight to the point. It’s the same case for your future partners or shareholders. It’s basically the same for everyone in the whole, wide world! “Don’t waste my time. Give me the elevator pitch!” That, I want to do for you, but meaty!

  • The Business Plan (“TBP”) is composed of two digital files: a Word document and an Excel spreadsheet file;
    . .
  • TBP will be based on our Q&A (I will ask you to fill-up forms, submit documents, screen-capture our communique, etc.);
  • TBP also relies on the online research I will do;
  • TBP will contain a minimum of 10 pages and no maximum in a Microsoft Word file version, excluding title pages;
  • TBP Word document will be 12-size font, single spaced, roughly 250-500 words per page;
  • TBP will contain a separate spreadsheet file that represents your half-a-year, one-year, two-years or three-years financial projections (by experience, my clients are actually more interested in this than the Word version – LOL!);
  • I need thirty (30) working hours or five (5) working days to complete TBP;
  • Start of working hours begin after I confirm receipt of everything I need from you to begin work;
  • One (1) revision is allowed, meaning you send back the submitted business plan to me for revision based on your feedback (“change this,” “I don’t like this,” “add this,” and so on); grammatical and spelling errors do not count part of this revision process; and let’s keep this to a week’s duration;
  • MY FEE = US$800 | US$500 down payment, US$300 after submitting TBP.



Powerpoint Presentation Slides

  • If you require a Powerpoint Presentation file version of your business plan;
  • US$25 per slide, including title slide; minimum of 10 slides;
  • Prepayment of US$200, balance after submission;

Business Coaching Session

  • Instead of a business plan, some people ask for my time and our session becomes a Q&A forum or a problem solving or troubleshooting meeting;
  • US$50 per hour, or;
  • US$100 for three (3) straight hours + US$30 per hour extra;
  • A phone call is all we need;
  • If you want to meet with me face-to-face, all travel, board, lodging and other incidental costs are on you;
  • If you want to meet with me face-to-face at a place of my choosing, the only extra cost on you are food and drinks;
  • Prepayment for all of the above mentioned costs and my fee are required;



I am 52 years old, which means I have the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that spans old school and pre-internet days all the way through today’s complex digital world, covering the Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial generations. I am neither too old or too young. Hiring a gung ho 35-year old may be sexy but most Millennials, even some Gen X’ers, have not encountered trials and errors, and failures and successes. I have. I know what works and what doesn’t. So, I don’t guess.

I have crafted hundreds of business plans and presentations, and delivered these to 5 or 1,500 people, board of directors or an entire workforce, from new strategies to business process reengineering, and more. I have managed organizations with a workforce of 5 or 35,000. So, I know what people want to hear, or read.

I have managed the sales and revenue side of many teams and businesses, being responsible for targets up to $1,000,000 a month. These involve all the organizational, marketing, service and support systems I had to be responsible for or put in place to make sure the business meets all its targets. It also adds benefit that I have directly been involved in various industries, from textile and paper manufacturing, food processing, travel and leisure, technology, telecommunications, public relations and advertising, real estate and insurance, retailing and direct selling, and so much more. So, I know how a business works from every angle imaginable.

I have collaborated to create plans, strategies, visions, missions and values from small to large businesses, from C-level down to staff level. I have performed troubleshooting and problem solving actions from business plans to critical organizational and customer issues that require immediate and long-term solutions. With these plus dozens more, the skills I deliver are uncompromising. So, I know how to create realistic strategies and plans for the future.

Hence, my rate is more than fair in relation to my expertise, knowledge and skills.

You can refer to my LinkedIn account via www.linkedin.com/in/raffypekson. You can also take a look at my personal blog via www.pekson.com to check on some of the business-related posts I have written through the years. I can also send you my CV/resume by e-mail, if you prefer.



If you’re setting up a US$100,000 business, I am a at least less than a one-percent (1%) expense to your total startup cost, notwithstanding a nil of an amount to your projected revenue and profit across your intended timeline.

If your project or campaign involves raking in at least $5,000, consider me a 16 percent (16%) reduction to your revenue or part of your cost of doing business, or as little as 32% cost to your $2,500 earnings. But of course, I want you to do more than that.

If you are still in college or university, and you need my help to create what I just described above, as part of your thesis or term paper, hell yeah! I can do my part, too. The thing is, I can’t lower my fees. Everyone gets the same share as you do.




First, I’ll need your contact information. Kindly fill up the fields below (do not leave a field blank):

The next few steps will be sent by e-mail to you because we will begin to communicate using private and confidential information between ourselves.



People say I shouldn’t put my terms and conditions in public until I get the interest of a prospective client. But here’s the thing about me: If I were the client? I would like everything, at the start, in black and white. No hiding of fine prints and no surprise attacks. If you are not interested, we don’t go forward and we both benefit from it – by not wasting your time on me and vice versa.

Now, if you’re still interested after having read my terms and conditions, then you know your interest is genuine and I definitely would love to work with you. So, here goes:

  1. I will only communicate and correspond with you or your appointed representative, and no one else, through one e-mail account and one Skype. If you want me to coordinate and collaborate with other people, I’ll need to increase my fee.
  2. If you want to meet me face-to-face or have a telephone conversation with me, please refer to my standard coaching fee, above. For phone calls, you will have to call me using my local-country number or my U.S. number.
  3. The only tools I will ever use to create your business plan and financial projections are: (1) Office 365, (2) Google Search, (3) Skype and (4) my laptop.
  4. I do not accept installation of apps and other types of software, browser plug-ins and extensions, downloading of files other than the documents I require you to submit to me; usage of smartphones apps, tablets and other external devices other than my laptop, to name a few.
  5. I will not review your product, device, hardware, equipment, service by phone, online service, and others.
  6. I will not buy books, journals, and other reading material in printed or online form. If we both agree that I need to, you will have to mail the books and documents to me or give me free access online.
  7. I will not subscribe to any form of service, offline or online. However, if we both agree that I need to, you will have to pay for the service and give me free access to it.
  8. I do not include in my fee and the corresponding estimated hours of work rendered if you need me to devote time to read materials other than the forms and questionnaires I will send you, watch YouTube or Vimeo videos, or listen to a podcast or sound recording from reputable online or cloud sites.
  9. I will need a lot of information from you. Don’t worry – I have some forms for you to fill-up and it should take no longer than a few hours to fill it up. That is the start of my work for you, the moment I receive the filled-up version.
  10. The minimum pages in my fee really means I can churn out double that amount if I want to. I write a lot and my way of expressing my thoughts into writing is to be as comprehensive as possible that no stone is left unturned, so to speak. Just look at this service offer you are reading. I can continue to write more but I know I need to stop somewhere. I want to be detailed so that you understand what we are both contracting ourselves to go into.
  11. A page is roughly 270-500 words, sometimes a little over, using 12-size font in single spacing. I’m just making sure you know I won’t squint you over huge font sizes and triple spacing. A typical 6” x 9” hardbound book has a word count averaging 270 words. That’s my reference. I did a word count with one document that only had six paragraphs and the word count is 539.
  12. I will only write in and use the American English language, spelling and syntax.
  13. The financial projections will use a month-to-month timeline (horizontally) of your project, campaign or startup, and all specific cost-benefit items (vertically). If it is not difficult to create a week-by-week projection, I will do it. But by default, it will be a monthly projection.
  14. I usually create four worksheet tabs inside the spreadsheet file: (1) expenses, (2) revenue, (3) top sheet P&L, and (4) variables used. If I think I need to add one or two more, I will.
  15. I will submit the business plan in a file version running Microsoft Word 2016 edition from my Office 365 subscription.
  16. The financial projections file will be submitted in a file version running Microsoft Excel 2016 edition from Office 365, too.
  17. The Powerpoint Presentation slides will also be submitted in a file version running Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 edition from Office 365.
  18. My working hours per working day is six (6) hours or 360 minutes. My working days is considered Mondays ‘til Fridays excluding holidays in the part of the world I am in.
  19. When you require a revision, I expect it back to me in no more than five (5) calendar days. I think that is a fair enough time for you to go through it at a comfortable pace. I will try to get back the final plan to you in 24 hours after I have confirmed receipt of your revisions.
  20. I suggest you print out the business report (Word file) and use whatever markers and pens you’d like to start editing. Then, use your digital camera or camera-phone and under a bright-light condition, just snap photos of the revised version and send those photos back to me by e-mail (not Facebook – FB automatically resizes and compresses photos).
  21. When revising the Excel spreadsheet files, probably create a copy and revise using the copy. That way, you still have a copy of the original.
  22. If by some unlucky chance a calamity hits the part of the world I am in, the hours or days that constitutes to my inability to work will not count as part of my work days leading up to my deadline. Include severe health issues that result in hospitalization. But again, don’t worry. I’m healthy as a bull in a china shop.


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