When Your Opinion Tweet Turns to an Offensive Tweet About Binibining Pilipinas 2017


I was watching CNN Philippines online (Yep! No TV for years now) and chanced upon a story from anchor Mitzie Borromeo about Tim Yap’s (Filipino TV and radio host, newspaper editor and columnist) opinion tweet that turned out to criticize “most girls” do not represent the provinces they say they come from. All of a sudden, the opinion tweet about the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 candidates became an offensive tweet – within minutes!


A barrage of tweets from Filipino netizens ensued after that, this time criticizing Yap for his opinion tweet turned offensive tweet about the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 candidates.


Eventually, Yap tweeted an apology message and countered, this time, that all the candidates are beautiful no matter where they are from, and quickly deleted his original tweet.


Lessons learned?

Obviously, think before you tweet, or post; not unless you really want to be a controversial figure that the heck with you all, I’m tweeting this and that. This was also the message of Tony Awardee, Broadway superstar and the Philippines’ finest singer Lea Salonga when she posted on Facebook, “Please don’t be one of those people that doesn’t think before they post.”


I commented on her post (Yep! We’re friends on Facebook and have met each other a couple of times), “Most people have had two worlds: their online world and their offline world. Today, both have become one world, and if one contradicts the other, then there will be confusion, distrust and worst, pain. Think hard before you post.”


I’ve probably delivered that message to countless public seminars and social responsibility trainings, really trying to make the point that if you are thinking twice whether to post something, it means you shouldn’t. I have more stories of similar (personal) experiences where people post or comment without thinking, more so analyzing what’s on their mind; but that’s another four-hour monologue you wouldn’t want to read. LOL!

So, think first if your opinion tweet is going to be an offensive tweet for others; and please, don’t criticize the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 candidates – they are for many the pride of the Filipinos, here and all over the world.

Image screenshots from CNN Philippines | Facebook


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