If you want your press release to get noticed, chances are you might be going to many free and not-so-free websites, submitting one version of your press release and allowing the website service to do the rest. Unfortunately, that’s a copy-paste of the exact content across a few or several websites, and that’s a NO! NO! for search engines like Google.

So, here’s a better alternative to circulating your press release online:

  • Submit your version of a press release;
  • My team and I will conduct research about your press release should we need to add more information;
  • We will proofread and edit your press release, and incorporate our research;
  • We will submit the edit version to you for your approval;
  • After your approval, we will create varying versions of the press release to avoid being penalized by search engines for duplicate content, including creating search keyword-phrases;
  • Our objective is to blog and share your press release to (at least) the 15 social networking and social bookmarking accounts that we own or affiliate with;
  • This entire process should take as little as 12-hours – the exact duration is dependent on the intact receipt of your submission, your approval of the edited version, and agreements to which photo or image to use.

In return, you will receive a report where your press release has been circulated online.

Each press release submitted will cost $300, payable in advanced via any of the following payment options:

  • PayPal.com (includes credit card payments);
  • Payoneer.com (includes credit card payments);
  • Local US bank transfer (ACH from company bank account);
  • Local Euro bank transfer (SEPA from company bank account);
  • Local UK bank transfer (BACS and FPS from company bank account);
  • GCash (Philippines only).

Fill-up the form below and include how you want to pay us. We will, in turn, send you the link to an online payment, bank account details in US, Euro or GBP or our GCash number.

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After clicking “Submit,” you may already opt upload your press release in .TXT .DOCX or .PDF file types.

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